Sweet potato and zucchini burgers

Ingredients:1 sweet potato, steamed or roasted1 zucchini, grated1 onion, brown or red, diced1 cup buckwheat flour1 tsp turmeric2 tsp smoked paprika2 drops basil essential oilSalt and pepper to tasteOil (or butter) of choice, for cooking Method:On a medium heat, fry onion until golden brown. Once sweet potato has cooled, mash in a mixing bowl. Then add onion, […]

Cherry ripe bites

As a kid I used to love Cherry Ripe chocolate bars and wanted to try my hand at making them at home. This recipe could not be more simple and really quick to make when you are time poor. Once made, if you keep them in the freezer you can just snack on them over a few […]

Carrot pancakes

I’m a huge pancake lover. Sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, flourless pancakes, pancakes with almond meal, pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like them all and I don’t discriminate. These carrot pancakes are so filling, but full of great ingredients to keep you going all day. Also, the fibre of carrots is a great prebiotic […]

Sweet roasted sweet potato

I love sweet potatoes. Their aroma, their taste, their inexpensiveness and their versatility. Why not try having them sweet for breakfast or as a tasty dessert snack? I have been known to eat a whole bowl by itself, but you could also add it to your porridge in the winter Ingredients:2 large sweet potatoes, washed1 […]